Welcome to the Drawing Research Wiki!

This space has been created so that anyone with an interest in drawing research in any form can talk about their work and share ideas. I hope that this can be a collaborative venture and that we can share talk about anything to do with drawing- from the best ways to code drawings to new papers. Whether you research drawing in neuropsychological patients or artists, drawing development, or the use of diagrams to aid learning this is a place where I hope that we can learn from eachother and help drawing research gain the prominence that it deserves.

Feel free to join and edit these pages in any way you would like.

Thank you!


Dr Kerry Hudson,
Department of Psychology, University of Reading.

Guide to pages:

Research Interests: A place to summarise your research interests and find out about other drawing researchers.
Useful Papers: A list of papers about drawing, grouped by research theme.
Helpful Tools to Aid Drawing Research: lists and explains any piece of software etc that's useful for drawing research.